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Discovering an affair often rocks more than the foundation!

It can leave you feeling physically sick, disorientated, depleted, angry, exhausted and with so many questions.
It may leave you feeling hurt and ‘deeply wounded’.
Often it creates this void, where you are unsure and deliberating….

What should I do next?
Communicate with your partner, particularly if there are children involved. If you do decide to separate, you will still need a channel in which to be able to communicate effectively.
Even at a time when you are faced with a mix of strong emotions and possibly negative feelings. Your children will need you to conduct a polite relationship.
So talk calmly and find out the facts.

Why do I feel like this?
Remember that the reason affairs hit so hard is because you have invested so much into this relationship.
One of the most primal desires shared in a relationship is the need for security.

How do I recover?
This is where it may be helpful to seek help in the form of Relationship (couples) Therapy.

How will this help?
Relationship therapy ensures a safe and supported environment. An environment where a more productive way of communicating can be explored.

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